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 20 classes- 9:30 am! Tues & Thurs  -Sept 22nd to Nov 26 th $120

20 classes –  9:30 am! Mon & Wed  -Sept 14th to Nov 18th $120

Outdoor Strength Training with Toddlers  (maximum 7 participants)-  1 hour class with 15 min play time afterwards!  The 1 hour class covers all muscle groups, very intensive workout using two 5 lb dumbbells, wooden chairs and mats, I provide all equipment except for dumbbells.  We have a gate that locks, plenty of running around space and all kinds of toys, your kids will enjoy their playdate while moms work-up a good sweat 🙂

Each program includes before and after weigh-ins and measurements, you’ll love seeing real results on paper, as well as your body!

Please email sveltemamas@gmail.com to sign-up and try a FREE class!


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Would you love to get fit this Summer ?  

Each class is 1 hour long, 3 days a week .  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday mornings at 9:30 am, June 2 to August 8, 30 classes per session, running all Summer long!  

Our exercise program consists of cardio and stregth training exercises, we will be using  5 lb dumbells, benches and mats and will be working on all the major muscle groups.  What will your kids be doing while you’re sweating away?     We have a large play house, all kinds of toys, push and ride-on cars, toddler-sized picnic table for art or snacks, baby changing area, high chair, fridge, microwave and lots of stroller parking.  

Each class will only have up to 7  participants and their kids, never crowded and your kids will always be near you, yet busy with activities, making new friends, sleeping in the shade in their carseats/strollers or watching their hard-working mamas in awe 🙂  

Getting fit is easier than you think, consistency is the most important factor, hense the 3 classes per week!  The only thing you’ll need to bring with you are two 5 lb dumbells, I will supply everything else, including benches, mats, coffee and iced water!

One free trial class is available, please email me at sveltemamas@gmail.com to sign up!

Each session (30 classes) 

Location is Quebec Ave and Glenlake in a large private backyard, please email me for more info!